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A caregiver opening the door of an old blue truck before helping his client into the passenger seat. A caregiver opening the door of an old blue truck before helping his client into the passenger seat.

About Us

At Right at Home Northwest Oklahoma City, we're dedicated to being much more than a simple home care company. We are a navigator of what comes next for seniors and adults with disabilities. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for those we serve. That means it's always about the people we support, and our dedicated professional teams working tirelessly to provide compassionate, highly-trained care for our clients. Living and breathing our mission each and every day is the passion driving our daily work, and the dedication to provide the highest caliber of in‑home care.

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Greg and Crystal Self, Owners

Right at Home Oklahoma City

Greg and Crystal Self Owners of Right at Home Northwest Oklahoma City-About Us

A More Meaningful Purpose in the Community

Enjoying tremendously successful professional careers, Greg and Crystal felt a need to do something more, a calling to something bigger, a way to use their abilities to serve others. They had personal experiences with family members, neighbors, and church friends who needed caring assistance as they aged, had medical issues, or managed disabilities. Greg and Crystal recognized a need in their community, the need for high quality senior home care. They realized they could help provide the support needed for seniors and adults with disabilities to live comfortably, safely, and as independently as possible in their own homes with the dignity they deserve.

Now on a mission, Greg and Crystal looked at all the different options available that would allow them to use their talents and skills to help others, thus giving their day-to-day work a deeper meaning. The search led them to Right at Home, which proved to be the perfect fit for their passion. Right at Home's mission statement is to "Improve the Quality of Life for Those We Serve." That statement said it all and the search was over. Greg and Crystal now lead a team of caring, supportive professionals who embrace the mission wholeheartedly and relish the opportunity to be there for adults in need of care.

When you call Right at Home, our extraordinary team of professionals will sincerely listen to your needs and concerns. Together, we will develop a detailed care plan that provides the best possible service and experience. Our caregivers will be hand-picked to serve you with compassion and care. You can rest assured that our caregivers are thoroughly screened, well-trained, insured, and supervised. And while our caregivers work as our employees, we consider them part of our family.


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My Personal Journey To In-Home Care

"I found myself happiest when I was reaching out to folks who needed help, or I would just see things that were going on and I'm thinking, gosh somebody needs to step in with a little help."

Locally Owned and Operated

Right at Home Northwest Oklahoma City is located at 1400 North Council Road. Visit our new building! We're excited to be equipped with a full kitchen, a medical training room for our caregivers, and a conference center to keep our caregivers up to do date on care trends, techniques, and practices. We are proud and humbled to serve our neighbors, neighborhoods, and the community at large. Learn more about the areas we serve.


Right at Home Northwest Oklahoma City, OK Building and Interior

Authentically Valuing Our Caregivers

Three Female Caregivers in Training at Right at Home

"I am an advocate for the elderly! I love it when I get to build relationships with them. The schedule is SO flexible and conducive to my mama of 3 life. My Bosses make it a piece of cake working for Right at Home! Both owners Crystal and Greg have a heart for the elderly as well, and work hard to see that their employees are adequately equipped for the job. I just wish they'd deliver cake bites randomly! LOL!!!" — Michelle, Caregiver with Right at Home Oklahoma City

Our Philanthropy

Globally, an estimated 70 million people with disabilities have no access to a wheelchair. Those who cannot walk must crawl or be carried to their destination. In collaboration with a network of like-minded partners, Free Wheelchair Mission has distributed more than 1 million wheelchairs to people with disabilities in 93 developing countries around the world, providing renewed dignity, independence and hope through the gift of mobility, at no cost to the recipient.

As an organization, Right at Home's work with Free Wheelchair Mission began in 2016 as the company looked for a partner that would help us further our mission of improving lives worldwide. To date, the Right at Home team's efforts have raised more than $400,000 that has funded over 5,000 wheelchairs, which were distributed through life-changing Vision Trips to Vietnam, Ecuador and Costa Rica.

A number of caregivers praying with an Ecuadorian woman in a wheelchair.
A caregiver hugs a Vietnamese recipient of the Free Wheelchair Mission.
A number of caregivers praying with an Ecuadorian woman in a wheelchair.
A caregiver hugs a Vietnamese recipient of the Free Wheelchair Mission.

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