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Portrait of female caregiver Portrait of female caregiver

Caregivers Are The Heart and Soul of Right at Home

Right at Home Northwest Oklahoma City's mission is to improve the quality of life for those we serve. We succeed through teamwork and having the best caregivers in the industry. Their professionalism, training, compassion and commitment to our clients and our clients' loved ones is unparalleled and we appreciate all they do. Every year, every month, every day we appreciate our outstanding Caregivers who are going above and beyond to create an amazing experience for our clients in Oklahoma City and its surrounding areas. We truly value our outstanding people. Who knows, maybe a career as a caregiver is right for you!

You're vital to our team's success. The professional and nurturing care you give makes seniors' lives better every day.

Helping Others and Having Fun!

Male Caregiver Talking with His Office Staff

"Right at Home is a really great place to work! I enjoy my job and the responsiveness from the owners Crystal and Greg and the office staff is a great plus... love all you guys! That I can actually help someone in need and have fun at the same time with them is so important. some people are really stuck! They have to pay to go everywhere they want or need to go. It's part of my job to help them get out of their houses and see a bigger world than they normally could without me."Antwone, Caregiver with Right at Home Oklahoma City

"You Are What Makes Our Mission Possible"

Reflecting On An Enlightening Event

Recently Right at Home Northwest Oklahoma City had the privilege of hosting Traditions Hospice for a profound discussion on hospice care and the journey towards the end of life. Our care professionals came together for an enriching teaching moment. We explored compassionate approaches, shared experiences, and gained invaluable insights into providing comfort and support during life's most challenging moments.

This ongoing CEU event was not just about earning credits; it was about fostering understanding, empathy, and meaningful connections. We're grateful to Traditions Hospice for their expertise and to everyone who participated in making this event a success! Stay tuned for more opportunities to learn, grow, and make a difference in our community. Together, we can continue to enhance the quality of care for those in need.

Looking from the Audience Perspective a Lecturer is Training the Team
From an Audience Perspective a Lecturer is Training the Team
Care Team Sitting at a Training Table Listening to a Standing Lecturer

Row of Training Graduates Posing for a Photo

Caregiver Spotlight

Caregiver of the Month Caregiver Spotlight Featuring Lisa McElroy

Congratulation Lisa on being chosen as our February Caregiver of the Month recognition. Join us in congratulating Lisa! She is a skilled caregiver and quickly sets her clients and their family members at ease. Her client says it best, "Lisa is intuitive and pays attention. It is not only her skills and dedication, but we are also impressed with her sense of kindness and humanity, her desire to help those around her is amazing!"

Thank you Lisa for the care you give and the compassion you have. It makes a difference in people's lives. We appreciate you!

Continual Training for Your Safety

We're thrilled to announce the successful completion of our second round of CPR training by our incredible care-professionals. Client safety is our top priority, and this achievement is a testament to our commitment to providing exceptional care.

Group of Caregivers Posing for a CPR Training Graduation Photo

Through rigorous training, our caregivers have enhanced their life-saving skills, ensuring they are well-equipped to handle any situation with confidence and expertise. We believe our clients' well-being is in the best hands possible!

Join us in applauding these dedicated professionals for their hard work and unwavering dedication to delivering quality care. We're proud to have such a compassionate team on board!

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to strive for excellence in caregiving. Whether client or caregiver, your trust means the world to us!

Empowering Our Caregivers

At Right at Home, we provide the highest quality care, and that includes ensuring our care professionals are equipped with life-saving skills through ongoing training.

Our care-professionals attended a comprehensive CPR training session, enhancing their ability to respond confidently and effectively in emergency situations. The commitment to continuous learning and excellence in caregiving is what sets our team apart.

A big shoutout to our amazing instructors and the enthusiastic participation from our care professionals. Your dedication to enhancing your skills does not go unnoticed!

We believe that every moment counts, and the knowledge gained in our training programs will undoubtedly make a significant impact on the care we provide. Thank you to everyone involved!

Care Team CPR Training   Caregiver Team Practicing CPR During Training
Caregivers Taking Notes During CPR Training   Caregiver Team Around A Table Performing CPR In Training

Every Holiday Is Better With Pie!

"Pick a Pie Tuesday" at Right at Home Northwest Oklahoma City is filled with gratitude and sweetness! Every year, one of the many ways we celebrate the Fall and Winter holidays is by sharing the warmth of pumpkin pies with our incredible caregivers and dedicated staff.

Our caregivers are the heart of our community, and we want to express our deepest thanks for their unwavering dedication and compassion. Each slice of pumpkin pie is a small token of our appreciation for the love and care they bring into the lives of our clients.

Here's to a season of giving, gratitude, and the joy of coming together.

#GratefulHeart #PickAPieTuesday #RightAtHomeCaregivers #NWOKCCommunityPi

Pick A Pie Night With Owner Crystal Self   Pick A Pie Night Caregiver Appreciation Event
Pick A Pie Night Was A Well Deserved Caregiver Treat   Pick A Pie Night Caregiver Recognition With Owner Crystal Self

Fun on Caregiver Appreciation Day

Our caregivers are the center of Right at Home Northwest Oklahoma City's culture. They fulfill our mission to "improve the quality of life for those we serve." They develop caring and authentic relationships with clients. They train hard and put maximum effort into caring for our seniors and adults with disabilities. They are appreciated more than they know!

Caregiver Appreciation Day is observed on the third Friday in February — on February 17 this year. The day honors individuals who selflessly provide personal care, and physical and emotional support to those who need it most. Our caregivers are special and we appreciate all that they do. We just cannot say it enough! We love our caregivers! Every day during the week we had new and different activities, fun, food & prizes. Thanks to all of you who came in to visit.

Caregivers from Right at Home Northwest Oklahoma City Were Treated in the Office for National Caregivers Week
Fun and Games for Right at Home Oklahoma City Caregivers During National Caregivers Week
Treats and Fun with Caregivers Celebrating National Caregivers Week at Right at Home Northwest Oklahoma City

Caregiver Spotlight

Congratulations to caregiver Lacia Trevino-Kibet, Right at Home's Caregiver of the Month for December

Congratulations to Lacia Trevino-Kibet, Right at Home's Caregiver of the Month for December. Lacia, a care professional with RAH for more than a year, is an experienced certified nurse aide who sets high standards and expectations for care. Family members trust their loved-ones with her and have expressed how thankful they are for her care. Lacia's approach is direct, positive, and fun. Thank you Lacia for helping Right at Home live out it's mission each day!

Merry Christmas!!!

From door decorating in assisted living facilities, to celebrating Christmas with our staff & caregivers, sharing dinner with our friends in the industry, to Christmas with Dean Martin at Yale Theatre! It has been a fun pact and very busy December! We would like to take this opportunity to raise a glass and make a toast to all our valued clients, caregivers, staff, and friends!!

Merry Christmas! Be safe, slow down, hug the ones around you, take time to remember that ones that aren’t, share a story of Christmas past so that your stories can live on the hearts of the young. Enjoy every minute and be happy in your heart!

Merry Christmas and God Bless to all!

Right at Home Oklahoma City is excited to be part of our community's holiday celebrations
Right at Home Northwest Oklahoma City caregivers and staff enjoy rousing Christmas entertainment
Right at Home's Christmas Tree and Presents to celebrate our caregivers and staff
Right at Home's caregivers and staff enjoying our office Christmas celebrations
Caregivers and seniors in the community enjoy decorating their doors to look like Christmas presents


Caregiver Bone-Chillin' Appreciation Breakfast

We had a fantastic turn out and had a great time serving breakfast to our team. Lots of conversation, laughs, and stories told while sharing homemade biscuits & gravy, breakfast casserole, pancakes & bacon, cinnamon rolls, and little fruit! Each person chose a special pumpkin, won a prize, and went home with a smile and full stomach!!

Happy Halloween!!!

Female caregiver holding up two pumpkins during a Halloween caregiver appreciation event
A table full of caregivers and pumpkins during a Halloween caregiver appreciation event
Two caregivers and a daughter during our Halloween caregiver appreciation gathering
Eating and enjoying company during our Halloween caregiver appreciation gathering
Three caregivers enjoy our annual Halloween caregiver appreciation gathering
Caregivers enjoying our annual Halloween caregiver appreciation gathering
Caregivers enjoying food and fun at our annual Halloween caregiver appreciation gathering
Caregivers and pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins at our annual Halloween caregiver appreciation gathering

Dementia Training '22

As the top private home care agency in Oklahoma City, Right at Home is committed to continuous caregiver development. This week we spent time with caregivers at our office honing and developing skills that help identify possible effects of dementia. Putting yourself in their shoes while trying to function through activities of daily life can be sad and eye opening.

In the next 30 years the number of Americans aged 65 and older with Alzheimer's dementia may grow to 13.8 million. It’s important that we know how to care for our aging community!

If you ever have chance to participate in a dementia training class...please do so! It will change your perspective on what people diagnosed with dementia are going through.

Thank you, to all caregivers providing loving care for those living with dementia.

Dementia Training for caregivers with female caregiver and desk of clothes
Couple of female caregivers discussing Dementia Training day
Dementia Training Live has caregivers experience what a client with Dementia experiences
Dementia Training day for caregivers in Oklahoma City
Dementia Live training with female caregiver working with a tabletop full of clothes
Two female caregivers discuss today's Dementia Live Training

Vitals & Transfers — The Best Caregivers in the Business!

Right at Home Northwest Oklahoma, as a leading in-home care provider, knows how important it is that we continuously train and review field processes with our caregivers. This week we focused on taking vitals, with a variety of devices, and how to make safe transfers for our clients and caregivers.

Thank you to our CNA Caregiver’s who attended and to our LPN-Tylynn that taught the class! We had a great turn out and great and it’s always fun to see each other and catch up.

We love our caregivers!

Right at Home Northwest Oklahoma City caregivers training to check vital signs
Right at Home Northwest Oklahoma City caregivers training to sharpen caregiving skills
Right at Home Northwest Oklahoma City caregivers training to monitor vital sign
Right at Home Northwest Oklahoma City caregiver training to transfer wheelchair clients
Right at Home Northwest Oklahoma City caregiver training on transferring wheelchair clients
Right at Home Northwest Oklahoma City caregivers training to hone caregiving skills