WIN - What's Important Now

Social Distancing As A Practical Matter

Someone on the news recently said “We’re asking our team to focus on WIN. What's Important Now.” This expert was addressing concerns over COVID-19 and how the actions of every single person are important. Professionals in the healthcare field are trained to wash hands, wear gloves, and then wash hands again. Standard procedure. They know to stay home when they are sick to protect the vulnerable. Standard procedure. These things are 'important now.' But, also what’s also important now, not just for those in healthcare, but for all people, is social distancing.

Watch the news, read the Internet, check your social media — Social distancing is the buzz word. Social distancing is the tactic of the day. The CDC, President, Governors, Mayors, and seemingly everyone else holding a leadership position is insisting that Americans stay away from each other. No more sporting events, concerts, community gatherings, or religious services. Restaurants, bars, and fitness centers are closed. Social distancing and being able to shelter in place is possibly the only way to slow the spread of the Coronavirus and help save lives, particularly lives of the elderly and health vulnerable. Staying ten feet away from others in the community is now standard procedure for most of us.

Social distancing makes things like shopping for groceries and going to work challenging; but people facing challenges become creative and resourceful. We are all advised to only go where we absolutely must, and always keep your distance from others. We're advised to avoid gatherings, random groups of people, and people who may have been in gatherings and large groups.

It's important to keep in mind though, mental and physical health are important to all of us in helping stave off illness and keeping spirits high. Social distancing does not mean hiding in the basement. We are advised by healthcare professionals to keep active, enjoy the outdoors and fresh air by doing things in open spaces away from others. They suggest we be social and talk to neighbors in person — just keep that 10-foot distance! Use technology to talk face-to-face with family and friends. Talking to a face is psychologically impactful, so use technology for more than just messaging, social media, and news.

Keep your day simple and safe! Your actions make a difference for you, your family, your loved ones, and others in the community. Always be thinking — WIN.

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