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Manyara Benjamin

“Benjamin is a hard worker who strives to do his job well.  He listens and tries to take care of the patient. Mick can be difficult at times, but Benjamin is patient. Congratulations to Benjamin.” - Sharon, client’s sister

Since joining OKC Right at Home, Manyara Benjamin:

  • Communicates clearly and professionally with the staff, clients, and client families. His gentle, kind demeanor builds trust
  • Has never missed a clock-in and is willing to help in any way
  • Has a positive attitude even in the midst of very difficult care settings
  • Owns his job – he knows what’s expected and looks for opportunities to make things better for his client
  • Always demonstrates kindness and compassion

Caregiver Manyara"I am born Kenyan, and brought up in a setup where elderly are highly respected. In that sense and with CNA/HHA training, I treat my clients with respect they deserve and professionally provide all care needed for their comfort. I ensure that I know my residents well, their likes and dislikes and that enables me to give the care that is needed.

I love feeding my clients and that’s my favorite part of caregiving. Seeing that eat above 75% of their meals and take plenty of fluids satisfies me.

My favorite food is uncommon to many, but anyone from Africa knows it, maybe by a different name. That’s ugali with beef stew and vegetables. Actually, I can have that for all meals seven days a week without complaining.

I believe religion is part of me, and that is one thing that I cannot do without. The principle of love for God and humanity that is the key to my religion enables me to peacefully coexist with others, regardless of their beliefs and views of things that may be different from mine. The Christian teachings have made me who I am, and without such I am nobody.

When I am free, I like hiking, enjoying the beauty of creation. I also like watching scientific documentaries.

In 5 years time, I see myself disseminating knowledge in some institution or doing some research focused in helping humanity. I am therefore flexible I can be a caregiver (I am), a tutor or a researcher. Even so, I give full attention to any work I do as it it’s the only thing there is for me to do. Therefore, I am proud of myself in that apart from being flexible work-wise, I have a wide scope of cultural acceptance.

Right at Home has helped me a lot in my caregiving. First, they give you all the information that you need about a resident and that ensures quality, and timely care. The organization also introduces the caregivers to the new residents, which is again an excellent thing. Also, they have an awesome staff, that is loving, and caring. More so, they have a flexible schedule that allows you as a caregiver to do other things, and in case of changes they let you know in advance, so there’re no surprises. It’s been amazing working with beautiful people, and I would highly recommend any family that want to place their loved ones under the care of RAH.”

- Manyara Benjamin

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